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About Sarah Cordiner - Professional BIO

“You have unique talents, knowledge, skills and competencies just waiting to be unlocked.
It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, or how little you have – with a little bit of resourcefulness, the gift of self-efficacy and some good education, everything you dream of is possible”
Sarah Cordiner


Sarah’s (very brief) story!
I am a ‘rags to riches’, ‘anything is possible’ and the ‘just get off your behind and make it happen’ entrepreneur.
In 2012, I washed up on the shores of Western Australia; no money, friends, phone, laptop or bed to sleep in.  Eighteen months later, I’m recognised as a leader in my industry. I have 23 people working for me and had turned down a $3 million offer for my business.
Hailing from a gypsy background where female entrepreneurship and education was frowned upon; my dreams had been crushed and ridiculed.  I started an education business anyway where my competition was the Federal Government and two multi-billion dollar global enterprises.  
At 19 I had zero business training, $17 in my bank, loved ones telling I was stupid. But my passion could move planets.  So I did it anyway - I succeeded.
My education business has been in operation for over a decade. Teaching thousands (including prisoners, long term unemployed, schools, colleges, universities, defence forces, remote communities, governments, corporate professionals, international franchises and entrepreneurs) in 84 countries. My diary is filled with international public speaking gigs and I’ve built an asset worth millions.
I’ve gone from desperately handing out my email address on scraps of stolen paper in 2012 to having over 40,000 followers on my email database and social media combined.
Those ‘normal’ people who’ve achieved their goals through hard work and passion inspire me.  Having now done the same, I want to make sure no dream goes unrealised. My goal is to show 10,000+ aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals by 2020, that no matter your circumstances, who you are or where your starting point is, you CAN make anything happen if you try hard enough and put the right strategies into play.

Professional Bio

Philanthropic educational entrepreneur, dedicated to providing equal access to quality education for all.

Sarah is an author, qualified trainer, professional speaker and respected consultant in 'Edupreneurship', 'Edu-marketing', Entrepreneurship, Workforce Development, Instructional Design, Education & Training, online learning and virtual reality education.
She is a specialist in training development and curriculum design, as well as trainer of trainers in adult learning.

“Having gone from homeless to having a 7-figure business, I strive to pass on the gift of self-efficacy as I show others that they are equipped with skills, knowledge and competencies with which they can achieve and do anything too. I am driven by an intense desire to make a difference in people’s worlds by empowering them through relevant and affordable education, resulting in efficacious existences everywhere”.
  • CEO of MainTraining;
  • Winner of the 'Influential 100 Awards 2015’
  • Founder of ‘The Edupreneur Awards’
  • Founder of Edupreneur Magazine
  • Finalist of the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 2015
  • Finalist of the Telstra Start-Up Business of the Year 2015
  • Nominee of the 40 Under 40 Awards 2015, to name but a few…”
Sarah’s Keynote and Expert Topics:
  • Education
  • Teaching & Learning Practices; The Hidden Curriculum; and Curriculum/Instructional Design and Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Start-Up Success Strategies
  • Edupreneurship: What entrepreneurs and businesses in any industry can learn about growing business by using the platform of education instead of sales, and how to write profitable learning products and programs as a lead generation tool
  • Workforce Planning & Development: How corporates can maximise their productivity and profitability by effectively utilising their workforce skills and capabilities
  • Students Transitioning from Education to Employment: What's next and what do employers really want? What to do after your degree.
  • Overcoming Adversity: How actively creating adversity as well as effectively coping with it is the key to success in life and business
Sarah's work has enabled the education of thousands of professional workers and business owners in over 84 countries towards their personal and professional goals. Her training has helped welfare dependents in remote Australian communities (and throughout the UK) progress to employment; she initiated the movement of ‘Edupreneurship' and assisted other training providers to deliver excellent training via her train-the-trainer programs, consultancy and training design and development services.

Connect with Sarah:

Sarah’s Online Courses: www.udemy.com/user/sarah-cordiner

Sarah has over 10 years’ experience providing workforce development and training services to government and businesses across industry sectors internationally.
With a Professional Graduate Degree in Vocational Education and Training, a Degree in Education and a Diploma to Teach in Tertiary (VET) Education; Sarah began her first training and educational consulting enterprise in the UK in 2009 and has since developed particular specialisation in training and workforce development in the Vocational Education and Training sector, Education, Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas and Aviation industries, among others. 

Top Expertise:
  • ·         Training delivery & assessment
  • ·         Resource development (training & assessment materials)
  • ·         Training project & program management
  • ·         Leadership, Management & Development
  • ·         Workforce planning, management & development
  • ·         Curriculum design and learning program development
  • ·         Training management and educational consultancy
  • ·         Public speaking, workshops and seminars
  • ·         Welfare to work and correctional education/engagement
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